The Benefits of a Balls Wash

The Benefits of a Balls Wash

You’ve just had a long day of work, and your comfy boys aren’t feeling so comfy anymore.

Sweaty balls are a fact of life for men. Whether you sit at a desk all day or make your living hefting around buckets of concrete at a construction site, your family jewels are probably going to sweat and it’s probably going to be a little annoying. And if your hygiene isn’t the best, it may be more than a little annoying: it could be downright awful. Fungal infections like jock itch are common and trust me when I say that you don’t want to get that.

So I’m here to give you some tips on improving your hygiene in your nether regions, and I’m also going to try and sell you on using a balls wash since, in my experience, it beats the heck out of bar soaps or whatever other rubbish you’re using on your man parts.

The good news is that keeping a fresh body isn’t difficult, and your wife or future girlfriend will thank you. I’m not here to lecture per se, but keeping your private parts clean is just a basic part of being an adult, and it’s one of the best ways to make sure you don’t gross out the person you’re getting intimate with. Your masculine scent is only attractive to a point

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