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BIENE CARE Intimate Hygiene combo pack

BIENE CARE Intimate Hygiene combo pack

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About this product

PREVENTS DRYNESS: BIENE CARE Men’s Intimate Wash is enriched with Sea Buckthorn Oil that prevents dryness in the intimate areas.

PREVENTS ODOUR: It helps fight body odour, as it contains Tea tree oil which is known for its long and lasting scent.

The orange fruit extract composition has an extremely gentle astringent property that helps soothe irritation and also prevents rashes and scarring.

Tea-tree oil in the gel helps in moisturizing while the aloe vera in the gel acts as a healing agent. 

Applies as a Soothing Cream And instantly as a Mess-free Powder
That Helps Fight Sweat and Chafing.

Talcum Powder alternative- Creates no mess and helps keep the intimate area clean and dry.


Keep in a cool & dry place. Away from sunlight.


If irritation develops, discontinue use immediately

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