About Us

The past year has taught us valuable lessons. Good health and hygiene have topped the list.To Break the stigma of Health and Hygiene , BIENE CARE is the outcome of the persistent thought of bringing good health and hygiene practices into your day-to-day life.



The COVID-19 virus has brought with it many variants, funguses, and diseases. You must have understood the importance of personal hygiene and health by now. As defined by WHO, health refers to a person's overall physical, emotional, and psychological well-being, not just the absence of illness or diseases. Hygiene refers to good cleanliness practices that prevent diseases and lead to good health.

Post Coronavirus, the world has seen a huge increase in the use of healthcare, personal care, and hygiene products. The USA alone has seen a growth of 5,678 percent in the online sales of hand sanitizers and wipes. The sale of hand sanitizers increased by 144 percent as compared to their sales in 2019 in India. The sales of liquid hand wash grew by 42 percent. All these figures indicate how crucial strong immunity and cleanliness have become. That’s how BIENE CARE came into the picture. Founded in 2021, BIENE CARE products aim to protect you from deadly germs and viruses.



We are a health and hygiene brand. We make products that protect you from illness-causing germs. Our range of products includes toilet seat sanitizer sprays and intimate wash for both men(Intimate wash, Moisturiser, Liquid powder) and women (Intimate wash). They protect you from deadly viruses, bacteria, and infections.



‘Biene’ in Spanish means ‘well’. BIENE CARE products are made to make you feel healthy, fit, and fine. Our products are simple and effective. They keep you and your surroundings clean and hygienic. BIENE CARE makes personal care hygiene products that are natural and safe to use. Our products are infused with natural ingredients. They are packed with antibacterial actives, powerful cleansers, moisturizers, pleasant fragrance, and utmost care and love. We deeply understand the harmful effects of chemicals on your skin. That’s why BIENE CARE products are gentle. These are pure and safe for your body.



We follow good manufacturing practices. Our products are also environmentally friendly. Biene Care products contain lactic acid, essential oils, and vitamins to help maintain the pH balance of your skin.

Personal hygiene is crucial for sound health. Good personal hygiene is synonymous with self-care. It is also indirectly related to community health. You play a key role in promoting a healthy community and environment around you. If you keep yourself and your surroundings clean, the whole society is benefited. You should constantly sanitize your surroundings to keep harmful and life-threatening germs away.  BIENE CARE products will help you fulfil this.  Shop now !!!!

About the Founder ( Prashant Singh )

The idea behind launching intimate Hygiene Products and brainstorming while sitting with friends and talking about hygiene with them.It's very simple as being a man myself, I never thought that I should also use intimate hygiene products. Although we take care of our daily grooming routines, outfits to wear daily, watches, perfume, etc. But suddenly something clicked in my mind as to why do only girls take care of their hygiene when it comes to getting intimate with their partner. Although 99% of women are more cautious about their personal hygiene than men so I felt it's equally important for Men’s too and their partners to stay hygienic. So the woman doesn’t have to think twice if a guy is well-hygienic or not. That’s the rise of BIENE CARE