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BIENE CARE Men’s Intimate Wash and Intimate Liquid Powder (Combo offer)

BIENE CARE Men’s Intimate Wash and Intimate Liquid Powder (Combo offer)

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Colour - Aqua, Material - Foam type , 100ml

 Men's Intimate Wash , A Daily Intimate Wash that helps Maintain pH balance against dryness and Irritation . Its foam based and enriched with Sea Buckthorn & Tea Tree Oil suitable for all skin types .

Sweating is common and we face it every now and then. But, at the same time it is also important to maintain personal hygiene. BIENE CARE Men’s Intimate Wash can help prevent fungal infection caused by sweat in the body as it is anti-fungal and anti-microbial. It also helps fight body odour and is gentle on skin. Enriched with Sea Buckthorn Oil, Perfume and Tea Tree Oil gives best cleansing experience. BIENE CARE Men’s Intimate Wash is ideal for all skin types and all seasons. Just follow these simple steps to have a best cleansing experience. Wet the intimate areas, apply, rub, cleanse and rinse off.


•PREVENTS DRYNESS: BIENE CARE Men’s Intimate Wash is enriched with Sea Buckthorn Oil that prevents dryness in the intimate areas.

•GENTLE ON SKIN: It contains Sea Buckthorn Oil which helps in boosting skin health because of the compounds present in it.

•ANTI-FUNGAL AND ANTI-MICROBIAL: BIENE CARE Men’s Intimate Wash helps prevent fungal infection in the intimate parts caused by sweating as it contains lactic acid.

•CAN BE USED BEFORE AND AFTER SEX: This intimate wash for men can be used before and after sex. It helps fight body odour and prevents fungal infections.

Directions For Use 

Step1 - Wet intimate area with with clean water 

Step2- Pour enough quantity of BIENE CARE intimate wash onto palm

Step3 - Gently apply on intimate areas , rub & circulate wash on to the skin , rinse thoroughly with clean water 

About this product

Tea-tree oil in the gel helps in moisturizing while the aloe vera in the gel acts as a healing agent. 

The orange fruit extract composition has an extremely gentle astringent property that helps soothe irritation and also prevents rashes and scarring.

Apply as lotion, Dries as cooling powder - No mess quick dry formula
Talc, Aluminum & Paraben Free.

Talcum Powder alternative- Creates no mess and helps keep the intimate area clean and dry.


Keep in a cool & dry place. Away from sunlight.


If irritation develops, discontinue use immediately.



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